Welcome to the Bullseye Kettle Corn's Fundraiser Page!

Bullseye Kettle Corn - Hot and Ready to EatBullseye Kettle Corn is a great way to raise money for your organization! We do fundraising for schools, sports communities, and many other non-profit organizations. Whether you are putting on an event and would like to have us there, or simply would like to raise money through sales, Bullseye is available to help with your goals! Our hot and fresh Kettle Corn is sure to bring smiles to your guests and ensure their attendance year after year!

If you are looking for raising money through order sales similar to Girl Scout cookies or candy bars, we offer a variety of choices. We have many gourmet flavors along with our favorite Kettle Corn. We also provide different options such as Popcorn Tins with up to 3 different flavors.
Contact us and see what Bullseye Kettle Corn can do for you...
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Bullseye Kettle Corn - Phone: 619-453-4701 -  Email: bullseyekettlecorn@gmail.com